Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Should be doing homework

I'm back home and back to business here in St. Catharines. Endurance camp was a huge success for me, and I feel that I got the most out of my time in South Carolina.

The weather was amazing, with only one cool rainy day, that we opted to spend indoors. Not because we are soft, but because we are smart. 7degC and pouring rain definitely would have weakened us.

So we did all the epic rides over again from last year, minus the Sassafras tt. We did race up Ceasars Head, and I knocked 1.5mins off my time from last season. Very pleased with that, because not only was I slower last year, but I was fitter. So now I'm less fit and faster. Sweet.

Time was 30:41, and 300 watts average. I figure that means my threshold power is 300watts @ 175bpm. Going to work on that a lot, unlike last season where I only did shorter intervals.

This year I went to the camp ready to train, not to perform. I new more about the pace, and routes and feel that I was very well conditioned for it. Now post camp I am fresh, and feel as if I primed my engine to start some structured intensity/intervals. I'm excited for the upcoming breakthrough intervals, were I'm sure I will surpass last seasons peak form during my first build.

At the camp I had some solid roommates. It was a little crowded with 9 guys in a cabin build for maybe 5 max. We made the best of it and split into two cooking groups. I was with Karl Hoppner, Alex Cataford, Jared Stafford and Brian Trafford (wow...just noticed the number of ford ending a last names). Had a pleasant time getting to know them, and trade some on/off bike stories. We almost spent the entire camp together, with no time left to nap, or put our feet up. We all had great energy off the bike, never taking time to nap or anything like that. We even did extra strength stuff using JStaffs TRX (now pronounced terx), and went on some morning jogs with Mike G. Oh and there was an attempt at fishing in the pond, and a couple cool down soaks in the creek.

Always sad to leave, but that's how she goes. Now I'm amongst a mentally draining, but physically restful week, as ride times will be short to fit in some study time.

Thanks Mike and the OCA for another great camp

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go'n South

Busy week is now over. Bags are packed for South Carolina and bike is dialed. Just have to sit through 8hrs of class today before I'm free for 10 days.

I'm bringing my new CAAD10, which I just had Kurt @Liberty fit me on, on Monday. He is tuned into all the latest fitting technology, and it really helps to make everything super precise. It turns out my legs are 9mm longer than they were last July, and my left leg is still longer by 5mm. Also, a heat activated foot print thing revealed that my feet are a bit different and that I needed a double wedge in my right shoe to balance it out.

I had a chance to get out on this new steed on Tuesday, and it was incredible. It is rock solid stiff, and feels very stable, but in corners it still has that short wheelbase quick steering. I did some sprints on it and hit 50.5km/h going up a mild hill, 3 different reps. Every bit of energy put into the pedals seems to launch me forward. Can't wait to race it.

Had some great rides last week, while I was on break. Tuesday was my best, with 4.5hrs averaging 246watts. I did 6 laps of the Niagara classic, and had a brutal headwind climbing the Eff each time. Took 500watts just to prevent going backwards.

Thursday I rode out to Grimsby and climbed my three favorite roads. Wolverton, Fifty and McNeely. Just once each, and never made myself suffer. Just wanted to get my legs to adapt to the steep grades again. Average wattage came out to be 233.

The rest of the week wasn't to exciting. Time on the trainer, a jog and some hikes brought my training time to 26hrs for the week. Oh ya that's if you count the 3hrs of snowboarding I did at Blue on Friday. Also got in a few games of beer pong at my old house. Fun times.

Off to school