Sunday, November 28, 2010

"So at the end of the night, like other people who work 9-5, when I take my shoes off, the only reason my socks smell like shit is because I've been kicking ass all day"

Friend recommended I watch this, I recommend you watch this...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recent Adventures

2 week rest period is now over, and I feel ready to get back on a training schedule. My schedule will be very loose though, something along the lines of ride as much as I can, with weekends dedicated to the longer rides, and short rides thrown in through the week when the weather is favorable (snow, or frozen ground), or I simply feel like it. Starting tomorrow I will be doing some type of strength exercise every day. Some days simply a few sets of push-ups, and others 2+ hours at the gym (which I have not been to since last February). lunging around the block might go down on Monday, with no weights. 25lbs in each hand by Christmas.

So the past couple weeks I actually got quite a few things done. I did MTB once, because I am addicted and had to get my fix. It was fun, and my MTB felt like a monster truck after only riding the CX rig since the Squeezer.

last week, with the help of some friends, we turned 42lbs of pork into over 100 sausages, with 5 different types of spice mixes, including Frank's and Sharp Cheddar cheese. Original Italian turned out the best, but I think with more, better quality cheese, the Franks one could be a huge hit. I think they will have to be hand packed though with big chunks of cheese rather than the cheese being ground into the pork. Lots of work but I think will be well worth it.

On Friday I drove to Montreal after school, getting there just after 1am. Got to drive my friends BMW, a nice change. Saturday we hiked Mont Royal, and explored the downtown area, then after a quick nap it was time for some pubing. We started the night of at a pub that sold beer in giant test tube like contraptions that had a wood stand with a tap at the bottom to poor. That was 8 pints between the 3 of us, then we pressed on pub to pub, trying different local brews at each of them. Hit maybe 6 or so meeting up with more peeps along the way, then it was time for the dance club. Not much of a dancer, but it didn't matter.

Woke up Sunday with no sign of a hangover, and then hit the city again to go for brunch with a friend going to Concordia. Then some more visiting, and a fine dinner before going back to get the pubs we missed. The is something for everyone there, the variety is amazing. Hope to go back in the spring for a similar trip.

This week I went for a couple hikes in Shorthills. I like to run down hills and up hills, because I find walking them boring and more tiring. So I cover ground pretty quickly, getting trails that they say are 3hr hikes done in less than an hour. I hope to do this once a week through the winter because its excellent cross training and very relaxing mentally.

Can't wait for the snow to fall! So much fun to MTB through.

All for now, until next time enjoy this one

Monday, November 8, 2010

CX Nationals

I find it kinda funny how the only nationals I took part in this season was CX, which is my weakest discipline. Well I guess I only did it because it was only an hour drive away.

So I think I did alright. I beat 10 guys, which was exactly how many I thought I could if I were to have an alright day. I was hopping to feel some more power, but I didn't at all. I had to suffer to to keep the pace above tempo, and any attempts at attacking would leave me completely gassed for several minutes. Seems to be the same story for every cross race I did this season.

I'm starting to think that I might be the kind of person who can only be fast once a year. I don't mean one weekend, I mean fast for 2 or 3 months. Or I am likely just burnt out from my first full season of racing, and made it worse by tackling the marathons and the squeezer through September (although they are my favorite events of the year that I never want to miss) when some rest wouldn't have hurt.

I never wanted to take cross serious before the season started, but have learned from it that I am a much more competitive person than I thought. Going into a race "for fun" is really no fun at all. If you are not prepared, you will be dying to hold on to a wheel of someone that you could have crushed a month ago, and before you know it you are getting lapped and won't even be completing the full race. I'm still glad I did the races I did because I learned a lot and it kept me on the ball the past couple months.

I have started to think a lot about next season, and have a good idea about when to do what. Unfortunately I will have to miss a couple races to fit in the rest periods that I neglected to take this season. I plan to start my intensity sooner for a better early season, then after a break in July I will build for a peak in August/September. I want to do the GMSR as a cat 1, So I will need some serious power early September, and than taking a 2 week break after that should have me feeling a little fresher for some CX action.

It looks like the next couple weeks are going to be very restful for me. I am just going to focus on charging the batteries before strength training season.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Parma Cross

Finally a solid cross race.

I took way to long to get locked into my left pedal, resulting in a poor start, but it was fun passing a bunch of guys on the tight and sketchy forested gravel section. I made may way up to Mr. holeshot Henri before the first lap was over, and went by going a little faster than he could handle after a week of 1hr of training.

Soon after I was in the 4th,5th,6th train and was going solid. They had short barriers out, which myself, Henri and Mcgyver29r were hoppin, and gaining a couple seconds on the rest of the field each lap because of it.

About half way through I was in 4th or 5th with a small gap, and had a fluke crash behind the stair run-up. I was getting ready to dismount, and my pedal ejected me while I was standing on it on the left side. The ground was super bumpy here, so maybe that made my foot turn or something, but anyway I got up fairly quick after rolling down the trail for a bit. My bike was on the other side of the trail, and as I started to run over to it the 5th place guy came by yelling watch out! I failed to regain contact with him after that.

I forget now If I caught a guy, or he caught me, but I was around him for several laps, going back and forth. Late in the race we both came into the barriers at the same time, with me hoppin and him running. I was on the right, and landed hop 1, pointed a bit left, and he was running on the left, drifting right to the center. We came together between the barriers, and next thing I know I am flipping through the air over barrier 2. I slammed down hard, and had the wind knocked out of me pretty good. Right side/ribs hurt, but not to bad. I got rolling again, just soon enough to hold off the chaser in 7th. I couldn't catch the guy in 5th after that, but rolled in for 6th with a solid gap, and got a nice $25 pay out for that.

It felt good to actually go fast when I hammered. Still not much punch, or explosive power, but if I train and rest well, I think I can get some for next Saturday.

Thanks mom/dad for the drive, and recovery meal after!

Eyedea aka Micheal Larson R.I.P.. Thanks for being real and motivating me along. E&A all day!!