Thursday, December 30, 2010

beer and chocolate

Been a while since I've givin the blog some love. I have been keeping busy though, mtbing a ton, a hike here and there and some great core workouts. The trails have been in the best shape possible (for winter) for some time now and I have been out on them for 2+ hr rides the last 6 days in a row. Tech skills are improving daily and I am getting a little too fit for this time of year. Ill fix that problem over the next few days by celebrating new years at Blue Mountain then hanging around for some snowboarding fun. weather looks like shit, so purchasing a lift ticket might not be worth it. We'll see how she goes.

So 2010 wraps up tomorrow night. I was going to write a season review, but I got to lazy. I will call it a success though and leave it at that. Sure I had some crap races, but solid results that surprised me made the lows easy to forget.

Hopefully the thaw passes quick, and the trails get some new snow. Road riding is not an option for me!

Thanks SHCC for the new trails that keep popping up. Loving them!

Happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow is Here!!!

So its been a little while, I know, but I have been busy. School is done now, except for 4 exams, that I should do a little studying for to maintain my decent average.

I have been training quite a bit lately, both on and off the bike. I have done 3 laps of lunges around my block with 15lbs in each hand, and the third time I felt very strong. Lap four is tomorrow after classes, and I would step up to the 25lb dumbbells, but with a lot of riding planned for the weekend I figure I will crush another lap with 15's.

I mtb'd in the Hood last weekend. It was awesome riding with the ground finally freezing, but it got better on Monday with the 10cm of snow we got. It took me about 1/2 hour to get used to the snow, and start to bring speed through turns, but once I started to feel it I was having a blast. The trails were even better today, with some trials bikes going through and packing down a nice line. Unfortunately part of the furthest north trail (before Mud Lake) is destroyed because of some clear cutting around the hydro poles. As long as they do a good cleanup, the trail will survive, but not be nearly as cool with the forest gone.

I plan to go back Friday morning, and probably one day on the weekend too. I'm taking full advantage of the conditions because our winters are so unpredictable, and it could easily thaw and or rain any day. Just wish I lived closer, but I am bringing my bike with me to school, and then heading there right after, as its only 20mins further.

Going to keep this routine of intense strength 2 days a week, with riding or hiking/running on the 5 other days going till the end of the holidays. Short strength sessions get mixed in whenever I feel like it, but are mainly just core. Soon some snowboarding will get mixed in there. Can't wait to get out again!!

I got some got training in last night at Henri's big 19th.......some beer pong! The two of us as a team were unbeatable, but I started to fade later on and could not support my new partner well enough to succeed. Last time I played was almost a year ago, so the lack of endurance was expected. It was a great time though. Happy bday son!