Monday, February 28, 2011

100th post?

Can't believe I've done this 100 times now, and still find it tricky to come up with an opening sentence.

Thought I would know how to type by now too, but no. Still only use 4 fingers and my right thumb.

So I am on my spring break as of Saturday, and have already got 10hrs of pedal time in. Sat and Sun was back to back circle route laps, in far from favorable conditions. Saturday I was joined by Justin and the first couple hours was spend riding through a heavy dump of snow. It let up by the time we got to the Falls, but we never saw dry roads till long after Fort Erie. Justin was not having his best day, and came close to bonking in Fort Erie, but made an epic recovery with the help of some sweets and a coffee. Stopping at Ontario Bakery in Fort Erie is a must during winter rides. Wish they had date squares, but their macaroon squares do just fine.

Ride time Saturday was almost bang on 5 hours for me, but I had to push it a little from Welland to home, after splitting ways with Justin. Average speed was 28.4km/hr. Sunday I did it in 4:50 with only one quick stop at the bakery for a mac square. Felt it in my legs a lot more on Sunday, but was able to finish strong with an average speed of 29.8km/h.

Plan for today is to do a sub 2hr recovery ride, and get some assignments done that aren't due for 3 weeks. Gotta get ahead now if I want to benefit from the OCA camp.

Lots of big rides going down this week. 25hrs of ride-time is the goal. hope roads get clean enough to take my old road bike out, and see what I can do on the powertap. Still waiting for some oval chainrings for my new whip, so it has yet to be pedaled.

all for now

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Legs just wanted to climb

I had on awesome ride on my CX bike yesterday covering 90km. Headed south along a snowy canal path with no planned route. Turned right on a road that looked clean, and happened to be hwy 20, which leads to Fonthill. Climbed up to downtown Fonthill, than actually got an urge to go over to Saylors and climb it. I did just that, and with the help of a tailwind, got over it without working to hard.

One lap of the Niagara Classic later and I was climbing it again. I was not liking the cold wind on the open farm roads, so I headed back south through my favorite route, Hollow Rd to Holland Rd to Cataract Rd.

Took a right on Decew and then after crossing the new bridge jumped on some singletrack to see how it was. Not bad, bumpy for a CX bike, but will be great for MTBs.

With another 1.5hr to kill, I rode over to hydro, and did six reps of it, with some flats added in here and there.

Legs never let me down, but I sure felt the effort by the time I got home.

On Monday, I hiked for 4.5hrs with Justin and his dog Molson. It was very enjoyable, and definitely a great workout. We even stopped to do push-ups a few times to make it a full body workout.

Off to school now

Monday, February 21, 2011


  • 21st U23 @ CX Nationals
  • 6th Elitle @ Parma CX
  • 9th Elite @ Speed River/ Kelso CX
  • 25th Elite @ TO day 2 CX
  • 20th Elite @ Turkey CX
  • 16th Elite @ Octoberfest CX
  • 8th Elite @ Liberty Bicycles Squeezer
  • Victory overall @ Pauls Dirty Enduro 100km
  • Victory overall @ Ontario Marathon Champs, Mansfeild
  • 7th elitle @ JTC/WNMC CX
  • 24th S1/2 (2nd ON U23) @ Provincial Crit, Tour Di Via Italia
  • 13th Elite @ Woodnewton Provincial Champs
  • 12th S1/2 (4th U23) @ Elliot Lake Road Provincials
  • 7th S1/2 Elliot Lake Crit
  • 12th Elite @ Kelso O-cup
  • Victory! @ Canal Days MTB
  • 19th S1/2 @ Bike the Bruce
  • 3rd Elite @ Buckwallow O-cup
  • 18th S1/2 @ CHIN Picnic
  • 4th @ Raccoon Rally XC
  • 6th S1/2 @ Raccoon Rally RR
  • Victory! S3 @ K-W Classic
  • 19th elite @ Mountainview O-cup
  • 2nd S3 @ Niagara Classic
  • 17th elitle @ Albion O-cup
  • 2nd S3 @ Springbank Road Race
  • 32nd elite @ Manfeild O-cup
  • 13 overall @ Paris to Ancaster
  • 5th overalll @ Homage to Ice
  • 2nd S4 @ Good Friday Road Race
  • Victory! @ Winter Frostbike MTB

Sunday, February 20, 2011

frostbike 2011

Awesome day on the bike for me. I was able to defend my Frostbike title for at least another year, holding off a hard chasing JC Roberge.

Team Liberty had great results with Sara defending the woman's title, and Alex coming in 3rd overall while winning the under 30 cat. Justin suffered from an unfortunate flat on lap 1, but like a true hardman he fought through the muddy afternoon course to try and get on the podium. Managed 4th, which was still great considering that 1-3rd set their times when the course was several minutes faster.

I went out for a second lap with JC and Alex, but we bailed after the second piece of singletrack after finding it to be completely thawed out.

In the morning the conditions were near perfect. Some ice patches, but they were avoidable and really just added to the technical factor. Chose to go studless, because I don't own studs anyway, and think it would be ridiculous to buy studded tires for one race.

So may race went like this.
Fast start, with >100m to singletrack. Got moving fast, but JC took the inside line. held his wheel till the first solid place to pass. Hammered up the biggest climb (3million watts) to open a gap, then rode smooth and steady to hold onto it. Lungs burned from the cold air, and legs hurt from the first race effort of the year. It felt good though, and I am happy with where I'm at.

Drank some beers after and enjoyed some chili and a chicken Slovakia pita.
Won a gym membership @ Energy Fitness Studio and Liberty gift card for 50bucks. Sweet!

Huge thanks to the SHCC for working so hard to make this race happen, and everyone who had anything to do with me being able to race. Thank You!!

So this week will be a big on in terms of training time. 16 hrs at least. Then I have reading week where I will do over 20hrs. rest for a week, then the OCA camp.

Too bad its supposed to snow a lot tonight, making the possibility of a tomorrows circle route lap questionable. Might still go down. Snowshoes are always there, and it may be the last chance to get out on them. Either way Ill be out there enjoying a day off school.

Get out and have fun!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

First 100km ride of 2011

Yesterday was warm one. only 5 above, but when your used to -10, 5 feels hot. Wind gusts no longer numbed my face and sent chills through my body, but they did lack the fresh crisp smell that I love about the winter.

I took the cx bike out with the wind to NOTL, than took the parkway through the falls and to somewhere between the Falls and Fort Erie. Turned around at service road 20 where a cool custom home lies. Very rectangular with a overhanging second floor, and a fancy porch cover that looks like a carport. Finding unique homes more and more interesting since beginning my architecture studies.

So I had a nice tailwind most of the way back to NOTL, than faced a ridiculous headwind to get back home. It was tough to keep it above 20km/h. Finished up strong after 3.5hrs, and 105km, averaging 28ishkm/h.

Last week was 15.5hrs training time, and the week before that was 14, so I will rest up this week with sub 10hrs saddle time. should leave me fresh for the Frostbike next Sunday. Hope some snow is left, but it doesn't look good. I'd say 25% of it melted yesterday, and its only going to get warmer and wetter later this week. If it all melts and some fresh stuff falls Saturday, that would be fun. As long as its not a skating ring I'm happy.

I have confirmed my attendance at the OCA camp. Teachers were more supportive of that choice than I imagined they would have been and have agreed to let me write tests before or after the camp, and will create make up assignments for the ones I miss. Going to be busy getting everything done, but it will be so worth it.

My training is all mapped out from now till the camp, and I have some good ideas for the weeks following the camp. Homage to Ice is on the calendar. It will be a great early season course that will truly test my early season form.

Team Liberty had its first meeting Saturday. The full team consists of Justin Henri, Alex Schmidt, Megan Fleury, myself and Sara Byres. Sara will only be doing some local MTB races for us as she will be racing for a different road team. Expect the other racers to get there own blogs fired up, and a cool team page on the Liberty website.

Off to school now,
I'll try and make this more routine again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last night I told myself that I would put some time into this thing, if school actually got canceled. The bulk of the snow seems to have missed us, but they still shut everything down, so here it is.

I've been lazy about writing anything here, but its because I've been getting a much larger workload this term than last, and I'm also training more.

So I will go back to the holidays. My trip to Blue was a great time. The weather was awful, but I still boarded twice. I picked up a little cold there, but shook it shortly after getting home by eating straight ginger root and garlic. I kept a solid diet going and continued to train, allowing me to dodge the awful flu that seemed to snipe down everyone around me.

The weekend after that I took off training to visit Montreal again. Took it easy there, only hitting the downtown pubs once. Good times with friends and friends family.

Since then I have really been enjoying my training. I did some awesome trail runs through fresh pow, that seemed to really strengthen my hamstrings. I have been out on my mountain bike almost everyday that the trails have been ride able. Conditions were perfect the last 2 weeks. Challenging with the depth of packed snow, but not frustrating. Unfortunately some of my favorite trails have not been packed yet, so I have been doing reps of the ones in good shape. Strength works have been tossed in here and there, but I don't think that pumping out more than 40 push-ups in a set is necessary.

Also the dreaded trainer has seen some use. I've done 4 2hr rides and a few 1hr spins. Having a power meter makes it much more interesting. So far I have been averaging just over 190watts for the 2hr rides. Seems to be a good fat burning effort that I could likely sustain for 4hrs. I'll step it up to 200watts next time. Today maybe?

I have not been doing anything too intense yet. The Frostbike is coming up quickly, so I will do some efforts up some hills before that. After the Frostbike I will up my millage but keep the efforts similar to now. No need to run myself down in February.

I realize that last season I was on peak form during the OCA camp, then burnt out for the first O-cup. This year I will do things different. Less volume, less intense through Feb/early March, then much more intense and even less volume then I did last March/April.

I got my acceptance into the OCA camp, which I am unsure whether I will be able to attend. It means missing 7 days of college, a guaranteed 5% drop in all classes. I plan to talk to my teachers tomorrow and make sure that I will not be missing mid terms, or major unit tests. If I'm clear there, or will be allowed to write make up unit tests, I will go for sure. The decision needs to be made by Friday.

If I can't go to that I will make a trip to SC during my reading week from Feb 26-March 5th.

So other exciting news is that I bought a new road bike! A Cannondale CAAD10 DA. So excited for the first day of clean roads so I can experience the difference between a 2005 CAAD8, and 2011 CAAD10. I still love my CAAD8, so I can't imagine what I'm in for. Reason for staying on aluminum is because I love the way it rides. The connection to the road, the stiffness, and its lighter than most elite level carbon frames. To get a carbon bike at the same weight would cost at least $1000 more. Pics to come....its still at Liberty until I finish paying for it.

Also I will jump the gun and announce that team Liberty! Bicycles has been created for the 2011 season. Team list and goals to come......
Huge thanks to Kurt for for the amount of support he is throwing at us. Getting very excited for spring to come.

Enjoy the snow!!