Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Niagara Classic

(Thanks for snapin some flicks Rob W.)

Niagara classic was another solid race. Legs decided they wanted to cramp up again so I couldn't do as much as I was capable of.

Ignored the first couple moves, cause I knew I would not survive off the front the whole race. Everything was being chased fairly hard anyways, so it would be wasted energy. There wasn't too much interest in catching the first move of 2, and I found myself on the front riding easy and still no one would come around.

Closer to mid race, with a portion of the winning break up the road, still in sight, I went for the bridge. Max had the same idea, as did Bayden and a Dark-horse rider. We got a bit of a gap, working hard, but were brought back fairly quick. Max and Bayden kept going as the pack latched on, and this lead to Bayden making contact with the leaders. Nice work! I regret not continuing on, but I was positive that move was shut down. So from then on, I just sat in and followed moves that looked like they would stick.

Forget when but a big group went clear, and I missed out. Already feeling cramps, I knew my chance of a high placing was over, so I helped chase a little. We kept this group close for a while, then our group ran out of steam/cooperation and slowed a bit.

Some of us worked, others sat in, one guy from London rode off the front for a lap or two, then Anton went and soloed the last lap putting huge time into us, and snagging 10th. Each time up the hill my legs felt more and more messed up. Muscled were locking, pulsing and twitching like crazy. Last time up all I could do was keep the cranks turning. No way I was contesting the sprint!

So I have some researching to do to find a cure for cramps. I did drink a ton through the race, HEED in most bottles, and I got 4 gels down, as well as a powerbar sport (used to help my cramping during marathons). All this seemed to do nothing but bloat my stomach and make me feel like pulling over to puke. Managed top hold it down but it wasn't fun. I did take some magnesium too, the stuff that everyone says stops their cramps.

So next race (excluding 12 miles) is Green Mountain. Hoping to race with team Ontario, just waiting to hear back from Mike G. GMSR is just under 3 weeks away, so I have planned a light week, a big week, and taper week to prepare for it. Then its back to school for a week before MTB provincials.

Still a lot of excitement to come!!!


  1. Too bad the legs didn't cooperate for ya that day. My legs were so smoked by the end too that they were almost cramping up every little rise on the course.

    Could the issue be the condition you're taking into the races? Are you maybe dehydrated or something? Because it sounds like if it were mid race depletion of something, you'd have covered it with all the electrolytes you're taking in.

    Maybe see ya at GMSR!

  2. I'm wondering if I drink too much pre-race, cause I must pee 4-5 times in the hour before the race starts.

    I have never had cramps on a training ride, could the nerves be dehydrating me?