Monday, September 26, 2011

Guelph Cross

First attempt at cross this season didn't go as smooth as I'd hoped for. It wasn't too bad, I felt better than I remembered ever feeling in a cross race last season (I sucked at all of them) and certainly had some fun.

The issue that cost me a great race was a chain drop that went horribly wrong about 1km into the race. I tried to shift it back on to maintain my position at the front, but it never went, and instead jammed up between the rings and frame. I got off and started yanking on it, but it was stuck good. Next thing I know the master 1 field is flying past and I'm still not moving. Is my race over? No....thanks to a hero spectator who was willing to step in and help me out. He used his calm spectator state to asses the issue, and get the chain out using very little force. I was now rolling again, about 2mins later. Pretty sure outside assistance is banned and I should have been dq'ed, or fined heavily, but they never caught me : ) .

So things are all good now, I will catch up in no time! No, actually my chain was soo bent that it would jump on my cassette every time passing through making it impossible to find a rhythm. I was close to abandoning, the fact that I was now on lap 2 and was yet to catch a master made it hard to keep going. Then, my chain improved a bit and I finally started to pass some guys.

I started to ride stronger and enjoy the race, but it was too late to make anything happen. A bit of work later and a couple slide outs in turns later and I was finished.

Never got a case of beer like the fast guys, but I did get to drink one of Anton's. Thanks buddy and congrats on 2nd!

Tour de King this weekend anyone?

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